Home of the Tiny Tardigrade, Retrograde and Specials NFT collections

The Tiny Tardigrade club has produced three NFT collections to date: The Tiny Tardigrades, the Retrogrades and the Specials. These NFTs are powered by the TINY2, RETR2 and SPCL2 tokens.

We also use TTT2 tokens as a means of discounting NFTs for holders

* It is worth accumulating your tokens as they will form part of a discount on any future Tiny Tardigrade projects that you are interested in.

Our Road Map

The Tiny Tardigrades Club is aimed at providing high quality collectibles. We provide Tiny Tardigrade Tokens that as well as being fun to collect, also have a use in providing a discount for our merch. In this way we create value.

We will be dropping our collections on the xch.gallery when they are up and running and will notify all our followers when that day comes, but first we want to create a community, a club. Members will be informed of any drops via this site, via Discord and Twitter.

Thus far we have created a small management team to coordinate our project. Our collectibles are in production and our tokens are being exchanged. The word is out.

We are creating a high quality collection of funky little tardigrades that we have labelled Tiny Tardigrades. They will be collectibles, numbers yet to be determined.

We will be giving away Tiny Tardigrade Tokens as a token (excuse the pun) of our gratitude. People visiting our site will be rewarded by collecting TTT and this also gives them value if they buy our Tiny Tradigrade NFTs, as we will provide discounts based on the number of TTT returned to us. It’s kind of like a loyalty scheme and we see a future where TTTs are credits to be redeemed for our merch.

We have also provided an Offers area below. This is for those who might not have collected any TTT but would like exchange other tokens for some TTT to take advantage of our discount scheme.


Create an offer and then copy and paste the information into the form field. We will then receive your offer and see if we can match it. Check with Chia.net if you are unsure of this process.

Reach Out

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