Retrograde Edition

This is a limited edition of 250 NFTs called Retrogrades. Actual images are 1200 x 1200 pixels.
If you are interested in buying one then let us know at the Tiny Tardigrades Club.

Retrograde minted Chia NFTs are now available on the various market places.

*The term NFT is a misnomer due to the lack of a standard NFT protocol at this moment in time (01/03/22). This is coming very soon. The correct description would be Collectibles. With this in mind, any purchase or giveaway of our Collectibles can be put on a reserve list until such time as we can mint a NFT in the true sense of the term. The reserve status will be shown on our website. This is until the Chia Network have a standard protocol. To this end our images will also be stored via IPFS at this time. This will provide total confidence in the ownership of the image file forever. Of course, that does not mean that an owner cannot have the collectible.