Frequently asked questions

How does a TINY and a NFT relate to each other?

There is a 1 to 1 relationship  between a TINY and a Tiny Tardigrade Collection NFT. Holders of TINY will be able to exchange each one for the NFT when available on the (this is our preferred method of exchange).

How will the pricing and buying work?

 TINY purchase will be will be offer based. So, 50%TTT+50%XCH = 1TINY. The intention is also to make offers only available to loyal Spacegraders for a period of time and provide a good discount, to reward them for early adoption etc. This rewards the artist and TTT holders equally. We are in the process of sorting automated bulk offers. The initial Spacegrade only offering will be time limited (to be announced). When the time limit is up the offers will go out to the open market at a higher rate.

The process for the initial sale is that discounted offers will be made on Offerbin and SpaceGrade collectors will have advanced warning via the #tiny-offers channel. These offers will be replaced as they are accepted. There will be a few offers on Offerpool. These will be more expensive and are aimed more at providing a value for the NFT token page.

How is the NFT data stored?

We are using a decentralised Interplanetary File System (IPFS) that serves a number of purposes. It means your NFT is secure forever and the metadata attached to your NFT is also available for cross reference. This also means your NFT will have a unique hash making it completely immutable.

Where can I exchange my TINY for the NFT I want?

Our preferred method of exchange is via the when the NFT standard is agreed and NFTs can be published here. 

Can I choose the NFT I want now?

The simple answer is no. You can buy a TINY to redeem for an NFT but you will only be able to pick your NFT when they are published. The process of reserving 3,000 NFTs would be laborious and open to error. We feel the fairest and simplest way is to allow you to pick the NFT you want when you can. This will also benefit more loyal and fastidious Tiny Tardigrade members and those that really like our artwork. 

I can only see 100, can I see the other 2,900?

The 100 that you can see are examples of the quality of our offering. The remaining 2,900 are sat safely on a decentralised network. They are hidden because we don’t want to enter into making reservations and we want to make the final exchange of TINY for NFT a relatively equitable process. All TINY holders get an equal chance to choose the NFT they want as soon as they are available on

Will there be Trait examples?

Yes, we will provide an image of each trait and its name. This will take some time to populate, so bear with us.

How do I know how rare my NFT is?

At the moment there is no type offering. It is understood that may provide something similar as a service but as it stands your only option is to compare the NFT (when you can) with the trait examples and the trait weights and occurrence chart above. Then you have to decide how that is to be done – rarest trait, average trait rarity or statistical rarity. It can get very subjective. We have the skillsets in place to do this but that would involve diverting resource from our core scope. 

Will there be a royalty?

Yes. All NFTs, whether given away for free or paid for will have a 5% royalty attached. This means we will receive a 5% royalty for every future sale in perpetuity.

How do I know you are not going to take my tokens and run?

Actually, you don’t. We are genuine and want to make a real success in this market, however this means you have to have trust. This applies to most markets. There needs to be two sides to an offer and this implies trust. We hope we have installed confidence in the way we have behaved so far in producing quality items, a professional website, a monitored Discord server and Twitter account. You could also message other server administrators such as The 300, The Zombies and to check our credentials. 

What is the the TINY token Asset ID?